• 210.2

    Code No. 210.2


    The regular meeting time and date will be set by the board at its annual organizational meeting in odd numbered years, or at the annual meeting in even-numbered years.

    The board will adhere to this meeting time and date unless the board requires additional meetings or, due to circumstances beyond the board's control, the meeting cannot be held on the regular meeting date, and the meeting will be re-scheduled at the board's convenience. Public notice of the meetings will be given.

    Legal Reference:Iowa Code §§ 21.3, .4; 279.1 (2009).

                                       1980 Op. Att'y Gen. 148.

    Cross Reference:     200.1Organization of the Board of Directors

                                        210 Board of Directors' Meetings

    Approved: 05/22/2008

    Reviewed: 04/17/2008, 08/23/2012, 07/20/2017

    Revised:      03/07/2008, 07/20/2010