About North Polk


    The North Polk Community School District was established July 1, 1956 serving the former school districts of Alleman, Elkhart, Sheldahl, and White Oak. A year later the Polk City School District joined the North Polk CSD. At the inception of the district, elementary school buildings were located in Elkhart, Polk City, and Sheldahl with 7th-12th grade students attending the school building in Alleman.



    Presently the District has four attendance centers: Central Elementary, West Elementary, Middle School, and High School. West Elementary is located in Polk City serving grades preschool-4th grade. Central Elementary, the Middle School, and the High School are located in Alleman serving preschool-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th-12th respectively.



    The North Polk Community School District proudly serves the following communities within the district's boundaries: Alleman, Elkhart, Polk City, Sheldahl, and northern Ankeny.