• Welcome to Kindergarten

    August 2012

     Dear Kindergarten Families,

    Welcome to Kindergarten! I am so excited to have your child in my class. My hope is that this letter will provide you with some helpful hints and important information to help our year run smoothly.

    • Absences: If your child will not be attending school for whatever reason, please call the office 515-984-6344. The secretary will call you if your child does not arrive at school and the office has not been notified.
    • Dismissal Plan: If your child will be going somewhere other than the usual after school destination, you need to send a note to school with the date and change. Without a note, children will follow their established dismissal plan.
    • Sending Money: When sending money to school please send the money in an envelope and write the teacher’s name, child’s name and the intended use for the money on the outside of the envelope.
    • Folders: Students will be responsible for unpacking their home folder at the start of every school day. This will help teach them to be organized and responsible. If students have a note for me, please remind them to place it in the Mail Drop inside our classroom. Take time each evening to take out and check your child’s folder for student created work and important messages from school.
    • Letter People: We will be learning to recognize the sounds and symbols for all 26 letters of the alphabet throughout the year. Focus will be placed on one letter for a week or two with activities that involve our Letter Friends. At the start of a new letter, a plastic bag will be send home with instructions on how to complete the homework task. Your child will find 3 items that start with the new letter and fit into the bag. 2 should be pictures and 1 should be an object. Please complete this task with your child and have them return the bag with the object before or on the due date. By doing this you will know what letter we are focusing on, and it will provide your child with extra practice at home. This will help create a home to school learning connection that is so important.
    • Work Stations: Work Stations are a time when the children will be working independently and cooperatively without my direct involvement. Work Stations encourage individuality, gives the children ownership, accommodates various learning styles and rates of learning, and fosters creativity and social skills. While children are working at Work Stations, I have the opportunity to assess various skills and work with students in a small group setting.
    • Handwriting: When working on writing this year, we will be using the Zaner-Bloser handwriting curriculum. Please encourage your child to write using a pencil and to capitalize the FIRST LETTER ONLY when practicing and writing at home.
    • Snack Sack: The snack sack is an exciting responsibility! When your child brings home the snack sack please provide a small nutritious snack (fruit, crackers, celery, etc.). Snacks need to be store bought and individually wrapped as stated in the North Polk Handbook. Fruit/vegetable items should be washed, cut and individually packaged. This will also help make it easy for the child to hand out.
    • Star of the Week:  Sharing time is important and fun for children. Your child will have the opportunity to be the star for a week. When your student brings home the star sharing sack please help them complete the informational poster I would encourage you to practice “reading” the poster with your child before returning it to school. This will help your child be able to share their star information with the class. Each day that week your child will bring the sharing sack home. Please help them select one item (shh – it’s a surprise) and write down 3 clues about the item in the sack. They will be able to share their special item during calendar each day during their week. If your child is absent or forgets the sharing sack please send it on your child’s next school day.
    • Specials: Your child will attend a special area class such as, Art, Music or P.E. on a daily basis. We will also have Guidance, Library and Technology once during our six-day rotation.
    • Rest Time: For the first part of the school year time will be allowed for students to relax and rest. During this time they will relax without disturbing others and listen to restful music or a story. Children should bring a manageable towel (no blankets or mats) to rest on, in a plastic bag. Please make sure both are labeled.
    • Birthdays We will celebrate children’s birthdays here at school by singing to our birthday kiddo and getting a special birthday gift and hat from Mrs. Jones. Please DO NOT send sweet birthday treats to school. If your child is planning a private party, please do not send invitations to school to be distributed. Adults understand the need to limit guest list, but children may not.

    This an important year filled with new experiences for your child. I encourage you to be positive and to take time daily to listen to your child’s concerns and experiences. At school we’ll be encouraging self-reliance, and you can help by considering these points.

    Can my child:

    1. Give full name, address, and telephone number and know how to use the telephone?
    2. Find his/her own way home or know the procedure to follow after school dismisses?
    3. Zip and button own jacket and pants, put on boots, tie and/or buckle their shoes?
    4. Wash hands after using the restroom?
    5. Use a tissue when needed?
    6. Distinguish between his/her possessions and those of others?

    These are important skills!

    Please help your child learn to be independent and responsible for him/herself.

    Please keep this sheet to refer to throughout the year. Through the open lines of communication I know we will be able to best serve our students! If you have questions, comments, concerns, please contact me at 515-984-6344 x2432 or via e-mail at jones@northpolk.org

    I am thrilled to get to spend this important year with your child!!


    Mrs. Katie Jones