• Comet Character

    Comet Character

    Dear Families,

    This year we will be talking a lot about what it means to be a great North Polk COMET.  North Polk has developed district wide COMET Expectations, which are posted around the schools and taught in the classrooms, to encourage students to be the best they can be.  In Kindergarten we will discuss how to be great COMETS by learning and using the expectations around the school and in our Kindergarten classroom.

    We will talk about and model our expectations daily throughout the school year.  All of our students will be taught how to meet these behavior expectations through Character Counts education, school wide assemblies and classroom meetings. In order to guarantee your child and all of the students in our class a comfortable learning environment we will use the following COMET EXPECTATIONS in our classroom.

    The school wide COMET expectations are listed below. 

    Followed by the Kindergarten classroom expectations for great COMET behavior: 

    Can do attitudeIn Kindergarten In Kindergarten I …  always do my best.

    Organized                                 In Kindergarten I … take care of the school tools.

    Make good choicesIn Kindergarten I …  use a quiet voice WALK! Don’t run!

    Excellent listenerIn Kindergarten I …  listen and do what the teacher says the 1st time.

    Treat everyone with respectIn Kindergarten I …  keep my hands, feet and other things to myself.

    Stand up for othersIn Kindergarten I  … am kind to my friends.

    We believe in having logical consequences for times when expectations/guidelines are not followed. In order for a consequence to be effective, it must be relevant to the expectation/guideline that was not followed, reasonable, realistic, and respectful. We all make mistakes, and want to do our best to learn from them.

    Logical consequences fall into three categories. They are explained below:

    1. You Break It - You Fix It: Whether it is a material that was broken or someone's feelings, they will be asked to fix it. That might include asking the person what they can do to make them feel better, or helping a student repair/fix a project that was damaged, etc.

    2. Loss of Privilege: If classroom members are not following the expectation/guidelines for using certain materials or participating in certain activities, they can lose their privilege of using them for the period. I will always give them a chance the next day to show that they can use the equipment or participate in the activity according to the guidelines.

    3. Practicing of Expectation: Students may support and modeling and will be given an opportunity to "practice" the expectation/guideline. This is not meant to be a punishment, but rather a reminder and time for the students to gather control to rejoin the group in a safe and appropriate manner. Communication will be provided to families on an individual basis if their student requires practice opportunities on a consistence basis with the same expectation/guideline.

    We believe that all students CAN be successful in meeting the COMET EXPECTATIONS. If the above is not effective, or for extreme behaviors such as hitting, swearing, or anything that may cause harm to themselves or others, a visit with the principal may be necessary.  Other strategies such as conferencing or behavior plans will be used if necessary.  Our hope is to model and encourage positive behavior and help guide students in using positive behaviors to solve their conflicts.

    We will celebrate our successes, accomplishments, and positive behavior. These celebrations will occur both individually and for the whole class.  Students who choose to follow and meet the expectations will earn a sticker for the day. Each time a student fills their stick chart completely we will celebrate their accomplishment!!  Examples of possible celebrations are below:



     Verbal Praise

    Verbal Praise 

    Outdoor Time 

     Notes Home

     Free Time


     Class Party

      Choice Time

    We would like each child to understand that it is important to follow rules not just because our parents and teachers want us to, but because it is a respectful thing to do so we can all be safe, learn and get along.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the classroom teacher by note, phone, or e-mail. 

    Thank you for your continued support – The Kindergarten Teachers