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    As a school district, we value the educational experience of your child and are committed to providing excellence in education. Regular attendance by a student is essential in order to obtain the maximum opportunity from our educational program. Parents and students alike are encouraged to ensure an absence from school is necessary. We further believe that the prime responsibility for good attendance rests with the student and their parents/guardians.

     After 10 Absences, a note from your health care provider is required for each subsequent absence. If the school does not receive a note, the absence will be marked Unexcused until a note is received. A face-to-face meeting with parent/guardian, student, and school administrator will be necessary if a student reaches 20 absences.

    Parents please call or email prior to a student's absence. 
    If a student gets 8 unexcused or 10 excused absences from a class in a semester, the school sends a letter home.
    If a student reaches 15 absences, a letter is sent home and parents are contacted for a meeting.
    If a student reaches 20 absences, a formal meeting is held with parents, student, counselors, and school administration.

    Congratulations to Aly Cromley!

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    Counselor Corner

           ALL Students

    • Welcome to North Polk Lifeworks! Lifeworks is a school-based therapy service that families may use. This allows students to have therapeutic services at the school building. This makes it much easier for families! Contact counselors at the school if you would like more information.

      9th-11th Grade 

    • Counselors visited English 9-11th grades to conduct career investigations using the ISU Map program. Scheduling for the following year will begin in late Feb/early March. Talk to your student about the career path they discovered during this investigation.

      Any Student taking a DMACC Course

    • All students who are taking a DMACC course were required to attend an Intro to DMACC & Blackboard Meeting on December 14th if your student did not attend this or if you want to know more about it please contact the counselors, the new semester starts Jan 7


      Senior To-do List

    • Check Emails for Scholarships
    • Complete Applications now!
    • Complete FASFA if not completed
    • 3 State schools require a completed FASFA in order to be considered for Scholarships at the institution.             

    Reminders From the Health Office

    PLEASE keep your student home if they are ill. Extra time is allowed for assignments if they miss school.  You don’t learn as well when you are sick, plus you expose everyone around you to your illness. Students who present to the health office with vomiting, diarrhea, or fever will be sent home. 

    *Students need to be kept home until 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea.

    *Students running a fever need to be kept home until 24 hours without a fever or the use of fever reducing medicine.

    Thank you for helping keep our students, staff and families healthy!

    Sara Figgins, Health Associate (


    Deputy Blaylock: Traffic Laws 

    TRAFFIC LAWS AND POSTED SPEED LIMITS apply on school grounds! YOU MUST OBEY THE LAWS even if you are running late for school or work. These laws are for your safety and keep you, your friends and family safe. Be safe and drive smart! 


    The deadline to change 2nd semester classes will be end of the day Jan. 17th.  Contact your guidance counselor.


Important Notes

  • Students taking a DMACC Course were required to attend Intro to DMACC & Blackboard meeting on December 14. If your student did NOT attend that meeting, please contact a counselor.


    • JANUARY  7 - DMACC Semester Begins
    • JANUARY 11 - 1st Semester Ends
    • JANUARY 14 - No School/PD
    • JANUARY 15 - 2nd Semester Begins
    • JANUARY 28 - Late Start
    • FEBRUARY 23 - ACT Prep Day (9a - 3p)

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