Existing Families

  • Please follow the instructions below if you meet the following criteria.

    • You have students already attending the North Polk Community School District.
    • You need to register all of your children at once, including a child enrolling for the first time.


    Step 1: Registration Process

    1. Log in through the Parent Portal.  If you do not have a Parent Portal log in, please email lynette.foster@northpolk.org to get set up. 
    2. In the Parent Portal, click the link on the bottom left that says "More" and then  "Online Registration". Then choose "Click here to go to Existing Student Registration" and review the existing information and students first. Save each student information.
    3. If you need to add a new student,  hit the "Add Student" button located at the bottom of your exisiting students (still located in the Student Section) to add additional students to be enrolled.
    4. Once the information is verified, SAVE your information, then hit next and enter until you see the Submit button. Once you hit Submit, you have completed the online registration process!


    Step 2: Pay Fees (Starting August 1st)

    1. Log in through the Parent Portal and you will be able to pay all fees, including adding money to your student’s lunch acct starting August 1st.
    2. *All student fees will need to be paid before your child starts school.