Open Enrollment

  • The North Polk school district participates in open enrollment as a receiving district as long as sufficient classroom space is available.  To learn more, please read the guidelines below. 

Open Enrollment Guidelines

  • Effective July 1, 2021 thru June 30, 2022

    The North Polk school district will participate in open enrollment as a receiving district as long as sufficient classroom space is available.  As a receiving district, the board will allow nonresident students, who meet the legal requirements, to open enroll into the school district. The board shall have complete discretion to determine the attendance center of the students attending the school district under open enrollment. (Refer to board policy 501.15)

    Open enrollment requests into the school district will not be approved if insufficient classroom space exists.  Open enrollment requests into the school district will also not be approved for students who have been suspended or expelled by the administration or the board of the school district the student is or was attending until the student has been reinstated into the school district from which the student was suspended or expelled.  Once the student is reinstated, the student’s open enrollment request will be considered in the same manner as other open enrollment requests provided the required timelines are met.

    Can a parent/guardian open enrollment their child(ren) back to North Polk if they move out of the North Polk School District?  

    Yes, Iowa Code 17.8(7) allows for the continuation of the students education….If a parent/guardian moves out of the school district of residence, and the pupil is not currently under open enrollment, the parent/guardian has the option for the pupil to remain in the original district of residence as an open enrollment pupil with no interruption in the education program or to open enroll to another school district. This option is not available to the parent/guardian of a student who is entering kindergarten for the first time.

    For the 2021-2022 academic year*, the following guidelines will be followed (maximum class size):

    •       Kindergarten: 40 students at Central:  80 students at West
    •       1st Grade: 40 students at Central:       80 students at West
    •       2nd Grade: 40 students at Central:     100 students at West
    •       3rd Grade: 40 students at Central:       80 students at West
    •       4th Grade: 40 students at Central:       80 students at West
    •       5th Grade: 120 students                                       
    •       6th Grade: 140 students
    •       7th Grade: 140 students
    •       8th Grade: 140 students

    *If any grade level below 5th grade is combined into one building to accommodate spacing needs, the maximum class size is 120.


    Priority for Filling Open Slots:

    1. Contracted regular employees of the North Polk CSD (automatically approved).
    2. Members of the nuclear family already enrolled.  (There is no guarantee that siblings will be approved for open enrollment.)
    3. A student that will have permanent residence in the North Polk Community School District by November 1st of 2021-22 school year.  To qualify for this open enrollment priority, adequate documentation needs to be sent with the open enrollment request to the school district.  The school still has full discretion to accept or deny this "intent" of permanent residence. Granting of this request will not provide priority to the nuclear family in the future.
    4. Remaining Open Slots:  Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received AFTER the openings have been announced.  Announcement of said openings will be posted on the district website on February 1st, 2021.  Applications received before openings have been announced will automatically be denied and returned to applicant.

    Special Education

    An open enrollment request into the school district from parents of a special education student shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  The determining factors for approval of such an open enrollment request will be whether the special education program available in the school district is appropriate for the student's needs and whether the enrollment of the special education student will cause the class size to exceed the maximum allowed.

    Home School Assistance limitation

    The home school assistance program teacher shall not serve in that capacity on behalf of no more than 10 families, or no more than 20 children of compulsory attendance age, in an academic year.