Upcoming Agenda: August 15, 2019

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    Thursday, July 18, 2019


    1. Called to order by President Heintz at 6:00 p.m.
    2. Approved Agenda
    3. Consent Items
      1. Meeting Minutes
      2. Monthly Bills
      3. Financials
      4. Personnel
        1. Resignations
          1. Bates, K.--Foodservice
          2. Hill, M.--4th grade @ West
        2. Appointments
          1. Block, M.-Elementary Special Education Teacher-West
          2. Burrack, B.-bus driver
          3. Crichton, K.--Assistant HS Volleyball Coach
          4. Howell, Z.--MS Play Director
          5. McCombs, T.--Assistant Dance
          6. Sinclair, R.--High School Assistant Principal
          7. Stargel, S.--Kindergarten Teacher-West
          8. Stubbs, T.--increase to 1.0 FTE (share with MS for exploratories
          9. Young. E.--MS Student Council
        3. Separation Agreement
        4. Administrator Vacation Payout
      5. Calendar
      6. Vendor/Partnership Agreements
        1. Ankeny--approve a student to attend two North Polk ag classes.
        2. Ballard CSD
          1. Shared Director of Special Programs & FCS teacher
          2. Final year of sharing Director of Special Programs
        3. Bondurant-Farrar CSD--shared Communications Director
        4. Childserve-skilled nursing care
        5. Graphic Edge--apparel agreement (tabled)
        6. Pepsi-beverage agreement
        7. Polk County Early Childhood agreement
        8. Specialty Underwriters-breakdown insurance
        9. Stew Hansen--mini van
    4. Public Comments/Communications--Kay Ferin & Ryan Tony, P&M apparel regarding sole clothing/uniform purchasing.
    5. Heard Administrator & Director Reports
    6. New Business
      1. Designate Superintendent to Approve Contracts and Agreements
        1. Special Education contracts for students not attending North Polk.
        2. Student Teaching/Practicum agreements
        3. Contracts related to the senior class trip, DJ services, and Jr/Sr Prom
        4. Curricular orders due to additional class sections or increase course enrollment that exceed $5000.
        5. Gold Assessments for Preschool
      2. Mandatory Program Coordinators
        1. Civil Rights Coordinator (affirmative action, equity, Title IX, Title VI, and Title II)-Mary Jane Stites
        2. Homeless & Migrant Coordinator-Mary Jane Stites
        3. Level I Investigator, Maranda Van Cleave; alternate, Morgan Miller
      3. Handbooks--Activites & Middle School
      4. Board Policy Review/Updates
        1. Reviewed 100 & 400 Series
        2. Held First reading of Policy 401.12-Employee Cell Phone Use
      5. Instrument Purchases--Marching Bass Drum, Bass Clarinet, Vibes, & Percussion Frames.
      6. Technology Purchases
        1. Chromebooks and carts for the MS; Chromebooks for staff; Airtames; classroom speakers, and windows-based machines and monitors for the HS.
      7. Polk County Multi-Jurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
      8. City of Polk City update on the upcoming RVTV event on September 9th.
      9. Closed Session:  Iowa Code 21.5(1)(j) real estate 
    1. Adjourned 9:14 p.m.