Driver Test: Skip The Trip

  • We’ve partnered with the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) to offer Skip the Trip at North Polk Middle School. This program allows students to take the driver knowledge test required to obtain a driver’s instruction permit here at North Polk Middle School, saving you time by reducing multiple trips to driver’s service centers if your student does not pass on his/her first try.

    To be eligible to take the remote knowledge test at North Polk, your student must be age 14 or older, not currently hold an Iowa instruction permit and be a current North Polk student.  Parents/guardians must fill out the “Skip the Trip Driver Test at NPMS” google form to set up a date for the student to take the driver knowledge test.  If you choose not to have your student take the test at North Polk, please be aware that absences due to driver testing at another location will be unexcused and any student in activities will be unable to participate in practice or games that day.

    At this time we are only offering the test before school and a parent or guardian must accompany the student to check in at North Polk Middle School’s main office.  All personal items must be left outside of the testing area, if a student is caught cheating or with a cell phone in the testing area the test will be ended immediately and the student will no longer be eligible to take the driver knowledge test at North Polk.

    When complete, the student will be notified if they have passed the driver knowledge test.  If they have not passed, the student will be eligible to retake the test 48 hours after the failed attempt.  This is a North Polk rule to ensure that the student has time to study before their next attempt; the test can be taken once per day at a DOT testing center.  The parent or guardian will need to resubmit the “Skip the Trip Driver Test at NPMS” google form to set up another date for the student to take the driver knowledge test.

    The knowledge test will be administered by an approved school/agency official, and the test results will be emailed to the parent/guardian and retained in the Iowa DOT’s customer records.  

    The student will still need to go into a driver’s license service center with their parent or legal guardian to be issued an instruction permit. Once a student has successfully completed the test, they will receive a test receipt email. Bring a copy of the email to the driver’s license service center, along with the other required identity documentation (listed below) the student must have to be issued their instruction permit.  

    What documents need to be brought to a service center to receive an instruction permit? (Can also be found at

    • Proof of age and identity (U.S. birth certificate, U.S. Passport, or proof of lawful status documentation)
    • Proof of Iowa residency (Two documents showing the student’s address)
    • Proof of your social security number (Social Security card)
    • Parental consent form, if you are under 18 and your parent is unable to come with you to the service center (not required if parent or legal guardian is present)


    To prepare for a successful knowledge test, students should study the Iowa Driver’s Manual and online practice test, both available at:


    Please direct questions about Skip the Trip to:

    Amanda Hupp

    515-984-3400  ext. 2201

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