• 414.5

    Code No.  414.5


    The board will provide a leave of absence to classified employees to run for elective public office.  The superintendent will grant a classified employee a leave of absence to campaign as a candidate for an elective public office as unpaid leave.

    The classified employee will be entitled to one period of leave to run for the elective public office, and the leave may commence any time within thirty days of a contested primary, special, or general election and continue until the day following the election.

    The request for leave must be in writing to the superintendent at least thirty days prior to the starting date of the requested leave.

    Legal Reference:            Iowa Code ch. 55  (2007)

    Cross Reference:            401.9  Employee Political Activity

                                        414    Classified Employee Vacations and Leaves of Absence

    Approved:  4/18/2009

    Reviewed:  3/25/2009, 1/23/2014

    Revised:     4/18/2009