• 501.5

    Code No. 501.5


    The board will have complete discretion to determine the boundaries for each attendance center, to assign students to the attendance centers, and to assign students to the classrooms within the attendance center.

    It is the responsibility of the superintendent to make a recommendation to the board annually regarding the assigned attendance center for each student. In making the recommendation, the superintendent will consider the geographical layout of the school district, the condition and location of the school district facilities, the location of student population, possible transportation difficulties, financial condition of the school district and other factors deemed relevant by the superintendent or the board.

    It is the intention of the Board of Directors to maintain class size at a level which promotes the educational interest of students. When economically possible, the board will provide classrooms in the area in which the student resides. When it is not possible to maintain a suitable number of students in a classroom in the area in which the student lives the administration shall make provisions to house students in another attendance center in the district where space is available.

    To achieve a suitable number of classroom students, volunteers will be given first priority. If volunteers do not reduce the numbers sufficiently, assignments will be made by date of enrollment; latest date of enrollment will be first assigned to another attendance center. If at all possible, siblings will be enrolled in the same attendance center.

    Legal Reference:Iowa Code §§ 279.11; 282.7-.8 (2009)

    Cross Reference:501 Student Attendance

    Approved: 02/16/2006

    Reviewed: 01/19/2006, 03/24/2011, 03/22/2016