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Return To Learn Update (August 17, 2021)

  • Great afternoon North Polk Students & Families,

    As a staff we are excited for the rapidly approaching school year to start on August 23, 2021. We also have some Back to School events happening over the next two days.

    With the COVID-19 virus and variants in the news, I wanted to send out the planned protocols the district will follow for the present time. As we have learned over the past 18 months, things can and have changed quickly with little notification. We are committed as a school district to staying informed of county, state, and federal guidance and collaborating with community members to make the best decisions possible with the information that we have. We are also committed to providing our students with a high quality education and setting high expectations for demonstrating respect towards others.

    I know no matter what decisions we make, there will be questions and concerns people may want to discuss. I encourage you to please reach out to me and let me know your thoughts. Attached is the Return to Learn plan with our protocols.

    Highlights from the plan include:
    - Face coverings will be optional in schools (House File 847 prohibits school districts from requiring face coverings)
    -Face coverings will be recommended on school buses 
    -Notifications of classroom positive tests will be sent to elementary classes (the difference from the secondary level is the amount of time with specific peer group and the age of students makes them ineligible for vaccination at this time)
    -Like last year, a dashboard with information will be available on the website
    -Remote Learning Option was made available to students

    Please know how deeply as a staff we care about students in this district. Please reach out with anything else that may arise over the coming days and weeks. Enjoy the last few days of summer and we look forward to seeing students back on Monday.

    Thank you and GO COMETS! 

    Michael Kline, Superintendent / 515-984-3400

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