Instructional Resources For Teachers

  • Greetings North Polk Educators, 

    Below is a list of learning opportunities for the summer. Those listed under “tight” are items we are wanting all educators to explore, with a goal of having a solid foundation of the online learning platforms we will be using should we need to implement a Hybrid or a Remote Learning Environment. The goal is to also have these completed by August 13th. These are all self-paced and have the estimated time needed to complete listed. Those listed under “optional” are items you can explore for additional learning opportunities if you so choose. If you have any questions you can reach out via email at or with any questions or clarifications.


More Trainings

  • WeVideo: Use Google Classroom Code dmscged 

    Flipgrid: Use Google Classroom Code fwq2oml

    NearPod: Use Google Classroom Code un6zhpn

    Peardeck: Use Google Classroom Code jn2hrda

    Quizlet: Use Google Classroom Code 6q7khpr

    Kami: Use Google Classroom Code ngbypp6

    Epic: Use Google Classroom Code fh4dlii

    Learning A to Z: Use Google Classroom Code qejlnos