Growth & Construction

  • North Polk is experiencing rapid growth in student enrollment - roughly 60 to 70 new students annually which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

    To accommodate this growth, construction is currently underway throughout the district. With an anticipated opening of Fall 2022, a new upper elementary is being constructed in Polk City to serve grades 3-5 in that portion of the district. The existing high school, which opened in 2013, just finished an eight classroom addition featuring a collaborative learning space that in total will increase functional capacity to roughly 750 students.

    These projects are thanks to the community's overwhelming support in a 2020 bond referendum. We feel fortunate that our district is supported by engaged and invested stakeholders, who truly serve as our partner in education.

Big Creek FAQ

  • What is the name?

  • What students will attend Big Creek Elementary?

  • Are there any teachers or staff hired yet?

  • When is the school going to open?

  • Is there a blueprint I can see?

  • What is the address?

  • How many students will there be?

  • What will busing and transportation look like?

  • Will there be a school counselor?

  • Will related arts courses be offered?

  • *These renderings represented the pre-bid conditions of the building. Subject to minor changes.