• 507.7

    Code No. 507.7


    The School District will respect the rights of parents to participate in the education of their children and access student information maintained by the school.  The school district will respect court orders relating to parents’ custody rights and responsibilities to care for students.

    Any parent with the authority to do so, or any other person acting in the place of such a parent, may authorize student participation in school relate activities.

    Disagreements between family members are not the responsibility of the school district.  The school district will not take the "side" of one family member over another in a disagreement about custody or parental rights.  If one parent authorizes a student to participate in a school-related activity, the school district will allow the student to participate and will not remove the student simply because the other parent with equal rights objects to the activity.  Any applicable court orders affecting students and parental rights that have been issued shall be followed by the school district.  It shall be the responsibility of the person requesting an action by the school district to inform and provide the school district the court order allowing regarding such action.

    This policy does not prohibit an employee from listening to a student's problems and concerns.

    Legal Reference:Iowa Code §§ 232.67, .70, .73, .75; 235A; 279.8; 710.6 (2009)

    441 I.A.C. 9.2; 155; 175.

    Cross Reference:506 Student Records

    507 Student Health and Well-Being

    Approved: 04/11/2006

    Reviewed: 03/14/2006, 03/24/2011

    Revised:    04/21/2016