603.8 - Teaching About Religion


    The school district is required to keep the practice of religion out of the school curriculum.  The board recognizes the key role religion has played in the history of the world and authorizes the study of religious history and traditions as part of the curriculum.  Preferential or derogatory treatment of a single religion will not take place.

    It is the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure the study of religion in the schools in keeping with the following guidelines:

    • the proposed activity must have a secular purpose;
    • the primary objective of the activity must not be one that advances or inhibits religion; and
    • the activity must not foster excessive governmental entanglement with religion.


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    Cross Reference:                   603    Instructional Curriculum

                                                  604.6  Religious-Based Exclusion from a School Program

                                                  606.4  School Ceremonies and Observances

    Approved:  07/21/2005

    Reviewed:  06/16/2005, 06/17/2010, 10/16/2014, 08/15/2019