604.4 - Program For At-Risk Students


    The board recognizes some students require additional assistance in order to graduate from the regular education program.  The board will provide a plan to encourage and provide an opportunity for at-risk students to achieve their potential and obtain their high school diploma.

    It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop a plan for students at-risk which provides for identifying students, for program evaluation, and for the training of employees.

    Legal Reference:                   Iowa Code §§ 257.38-.41; 280.19, .19A (2009).

                                                  281  I.A.C. 12.5(13); 33; 61; 65.

    Cross Reference:                   505    Student Scholastic Achievement

                                                  607.1  Student Guidance and Counseling Program

    Approved:  07/21/2005

    Reviewed:  06/16/2005, 06/17/2010, 10/16/2014, 08/15/2019