• 604.8

    Code No.  604.8


    Foreign students must meet all district entrance requirements including age, place of residence and immunization.  Foreign students must be approved by the board.  The board reserves the right to limit the number of foreign students accepted and will accept only three foreign exchange students per school year.   Students who are citizens of a foreign country will be considered residents if they meet one of the following requirements:

    • The student resides with a host family living in the North Polk CSD;
    • The student is in the United States with appropriate documentation (Form I-20) from the United States Department of Justice-Immigration and Naturalization Services; or
    • The student is a participant in either the AFS-USA or Youth for Understanding (YFU) foreign exchange programs. Each organization will be allowed to submit one participant per year.  Said requests should be received by the high school administration office by March 1 of the year preceding requested enrollment.  If request is not received by said timeline, the other foreign exchange program may submit a request for another participant.  The third participant shall be granted on a rotating basis.  On even numbered academic years, AFS may submit an additional request; odd numbered years YFU (e.g. 2013-14, AFS may request an additional participant); and
    • The student is physically able to attend school and has provided the school district with such proof, including a current TB test.

    No requests for a foreign exchange student will be accepted after July 1st prior to the school year in which the student will attend.

    Legal Reference:                   Iowa Code §279.8 (2009).

    Cross Reference:                   501    Student Attendance

                                                  507.1  Student Health and Immunization Certificates

    Approved:  09/21/2006

    Reviewed:  09/21/2006, 06/17/2010

    Revised:    03/26/2013