• 903.99 School Volunteers

    Code No.  903.99


    Volunteers, by lending their time, talents and resources to the educational team process, are an essential and valuable component of the North Polk Community School District’s mission to provide quality education to students PK-12. The District encourages the use of volunteers to:

    1. Support and enhance the instructional and co-curricular programs;
    2. Enrich the curriculum and broaden student learning opportunities by adding a voice of experience or background knowledge;
    3. Provide students with individual attention;
    4. Assist students of varying abilities; and
    5. Provide teachers with more time to work with students.

    To ensure safety for students, volunteers and staff, all volunteers must adhere to volunteer guidelines outlined by the District and school(s) in which they serve. Any volunteer who works directly with students or assists staff on a regular basis; supervises/chaperones students; or acts as a primary authority figure must complete volunteer information and disclosure statements, and submit to a criminal background check. Volunteers shall work under the direct supervision of staff members. In accordance with the privacy rights of staff, students and families, volunteers must keep personal and personnel matters confidential.

    Legal Reference:                  Iowa Code §§ 22.7, 670.2.

                                                  Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act 20 U.S.C. 1232

    Cross Reference:                  903.2  Community Resource Persons and Volunteers

                                                  903.3  Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites

    Approved:  07/16/2015

    Reviewed:  07/21/2016