• 905.1

    Code No.  905.1


    School district facilities and equipment of the school district may be made available for a fee to local nonprofit entities which promote cultural, educational, civic, community, or recreational activities.  Such use may be permitted only when the use does not interfere with or disrupt the educational program or school-related activity, the use is consistent with state law, and will end no later than midnight.  It is within the discretion of the Board to allow for profit entities to use school district buildings and sites.  The Board reserves the right to deny use of the buildings and sites and the equipment to any group.  It is within the discretion of the superintendent to allow use of school district buildings and sites on Sundays.


    Organizations, individuals, and other entities who wish to use the school district property must apply online.  It is the responsibility of the building principal or designee to determine whether the school district facility requested is available and whether the application for use meets Board policy and administrative regulations.  It is the responsibility of the building principal or designee to provide application forms, obtain proof of insurance, if the activity warrants, and draw up the contract for use of school district property.

    Activities in the school district buildings and sites will be supervised by an employee of the school district unless special prior arrangements are made with the building principal or designee.  The school district employee will not accept a fee from the entity using school district facilities and equipment.  If appropriate, the school district employee may be paid by the school district or by the user group as determined by the building principal or designee.

    Entities that use school district buildings or sites must leave the building or site in the same condition it was in prior to its use.  Entities that use school district equipment must return the equipment in the same working condition it was in prior to its use.  Inappropriate use of school district facilities and equipment may result in additional fees charged to, or the inability of, the entity to use school district facilities or equipment in the future.

    The board may allow groups, such as the Boy and Girl Scouts and 4-H, to use the facilities and equipment without charge.  While such groups may use the facilities and equipment without charge, they may be required to pay a custodial fee.


    Equipment of the school district will not be loaned outside of the district without the express permission of the building administrator.  In the event that equipment is to be used by organizations within the school facility, appropriate school personnel shall operate or supervise the use of such equipment.  Where a cost is involved, the using organization will pay the cost. Any loss or damage to such property shall be the full obligation of the borrowers.

    School Buses

    Through arrangement with the Director of Transportation and superintendent of schools, school buses may be used by local governmental agencies or local community beneficial groups at the cost of the driver and other related charges.  The driver must be properly qualified and currently employed by the district.

    It is the responsibility of the superintendent to develop a fee schedule for the board's approval and to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

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    Approved:  03/15/2007

    Reviewed:  02/15/2007, 08/25/2011, 07/21/2016   

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