What Is A School Permit?

  • A school permit allows age-appropriate students to drive back and forth to school and school activities between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. You must use the most direct and accessible route between your home and school.

    • To get a school license you must have successfully completed an Iowa-approved driver education course (unless you show a hardship exists) and live one mile or more from school.
    • One of your parents must sign a consent form, and your school superintendent or chairperson of the school board must furnish a statement of need on a form provided by the DOT. This form is available from any Iowa driver’s license station.
    • You must pass a vision screening, but the driving test may be waived. You will also need to take the knowledge test unless your instruction permit is still valid.

    The license will be issued for a maximum of two years and expires on your birthday. You do not need an instruction permit when you have a school license because the school license will be valid as an instruction permit when not driving to and from school.

    You must hold an instruction permit for six months and be conviction- and accident-free during that period before the school license is issued.

Instructions For Obtaining A School Permit

  • After completing driver's education course, a student is eligible to seek a minor school license (school permit).  The student must be at least 14 1/2 years old; completed 8th grade; reside at least one mile from the high school; and participate in at least one extracurricular activity as established in Board Policy 502.10.

    After receiving a completion certificate from the driver education company, the student and at least one parent or guardian must schedule an appointment with the superintendent of schools.  At this meeting the superintendent will review regulations and expectations of a minor school permit. Students must bring their permits to the meeting.

    A reminder to students and parents/guardians:  A school permit is a privilege. Any violations to the  guidelines will result in the loss of the school license permanently.

    To schedule an appointment for a minor school license, please contact the District Office.

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