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Handling A Concern

A Parent's Guide To Handling A Concern

The District recognizes that situations may arise in the operation of the educational system that are of concern to families or to the public. The District strongly believes that all concerns are best dealt with using open communication by the individuals involved and should be resolved at the lowest possible level of decision-making. Therefore, the purpose of this procedure is to resolve concerns at the lowest possible level and as quickly as possible.

Any person with a concern regarding a North Polk School District employee should first talk with the said employee involved as soon as possible. (If the concern involves the ethical behavior of the employee, the concern should be directed to the employee’s immediate supervisor.) After speaking with the employee, a person may file a concern regarding the performance or behavior of an employee with the employee's immediate supervisor. (See the flowchart to determine the appropriate supervisor.) Appeals of the immediate supervisor shall be taken to the Superintendent or his/her designee as set forth in the flowchart. In appeals to the Board regarding complaints about employees, the Board shall review only the actions of the Superintendent or his/her designee to assure that the Superintendent provided a fair procedure for the resolution of the concern. (Any resulting disciplinary action, if necessary, will remain confidential.)

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