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Gym Lottery Information

To optimize gymnasium usage across our district buildings and accommodate the growing demand for facility time, we are implementing updated procedures for booking and usage.

Starting January 2023, we have transitioned to a lottery system for scheduling weeknight gym reservations, allowing teams more flexibility and equitable access. Multiple lotteries will be held throughout the year, enabling bookings for a two-month period. This approach aims to eliminate restrictions on teams to a single time slot per week and maximize the utilization of available time slots. Additionally, coaches and sponsors can now conveniently schedule for the entire 2-month period without the need for extensive phone calls to schools.

Key Points for the Gym Lottery:

  1. Representatives: Each team designates one representative to fill out a Google Form, facilitating group classification.

  2. Categories:

    • Open District Organizations
    • Random Ordering of AAU-style Travel Basketball Teams
    • Others Seeking Weeknight Gym Reservations
  3. Additional Time Slots: After the initial lottery, teams have the opportunity to secure a second time slot, following the order of categories.

  4. Repetition: The process repeats until all available time slots are filled or there is no further demand for gym time.

  5. Communication: The date for the gym lottery will be communicated in advance, ensuring transparency and allowing teams to plan accordingly.

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