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Special Education

North Polk Community School District prides itself in providing a quality full continuum of services in special education from pre-school through post secondary. Our dedicated staff provides services for children 3-21 years of age in a variety of school settings. Our building special education teams collaborate with regular classroom teachers and support personnel to create the most appropriate and positive learning environment for all students.

North Polk Schools works with Heartland AEA 11 to provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy services to eligible students as well.

Special Education Enrollment

For families who move to the North Polk Community School District with an IEP from another school district: 

  • North Polk Schools offers similar programming and services at each of our schools. The majority of our students with IEP's attend their neighborhood school.
  • Students with more significant needs may attend a district program that is located in a separate location.
  • As soon as you have found a home within the North Polk School District it is important to make contact with our district Registrar. Your timely contact will assist us in working with you and your child to determine the most appropriate placement options.
  • Our school teams review the IEP's from your previous school district and implement programming that is similar to services you have received elsewhere.
  • All decisions regarding services and programming are made at the school level by the IEP team. You are a part of your child's team and have input into any decision.
  • Any incoming 3 and 4 year olds with an IEP or needing an IEP, please visit our preschool page for more information.

Audit Report

Special Education Program Audit (September 2019)

Delivery Plan

North Polk's Special Education Delivery Plan

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Matthew Blackmore
Director of Special Programs
North Polk CSD

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