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Wellness: Serving Mind & Body


The North Polk Community School District is committed to creating a supportive learning environment that promotes health and well-being. Through our wellness committee, the district adopted a wellness policy and guiding regulations that emphasizes the whole person, a positive approach to living and focuses on promoting a state of being healthy. Students and employees learn how making healthy choices and adopting a proactive approach that positively impacts school performance and the overall quality of life.

Thank you for visiting our Wellness Site. Please check back often to see our progress in this initiative.

If you would like to participate in creating a healthy school environment, please contact us at the information listed below.


Growing and promoting health and wellness within the North Polk Community School District.


The North Polk Wellness Committee is dedicated to promoting and providing support to their students, staff, and families  through a variety of opportunities that encourage habits of wellness as well as inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health.

Future Meetings

All are welcome to attend our Wellness Committee Meetings. If you are interested and unable to make it, please reach out to Anita Turczynski

All meetings will occur virtually and will be held every other month.

Progress Reports