NP Return To Learn Plan



Esser Funding Spending Plan

  • ESSER Funding



    - It is the number one priority of the district to support student's academic
    achievement with the federal money given as COVID relief. Many
    students missed months of instruction and supporting students behind
    the grade level with in-school intervention, tutoring times, and/or summer
    School instruction is the plan of the district.

    - Additionally, the district hopes to use this money for professional learning
    for teachers and materials to support the above-stated efforts.

    - Next, the district hopes to show gratitude and support to staff members,
    their wellbeing, and their tremendous efforts in helping students through
    the pandemic.

    - Finally, if money allows, the district will use the funds to look at air quality
    and complete necessary upgrades to HVAC to make for a safer
    environment and mitigate risks of future pandemics.