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Existing Family Registration

Welcome Back to the North Polk Community School District!

For families who already have students enrolled in the North Polk Community School District and meet the following criteria:

  • You have students already attending the North Polk Community School District.

  • You have students already attending the North Polk Community School District, and you are enrolling a new child for the first time, and this enrollment has been approved.

Step 1: Registration Process

  • Begin by logging in through the Parent Portal. If you do not have a Parent Portal login, please contact to set up your access.

  • Within the Parent Portal, locate the link at the bottom left labeled "More," and then select "Online Registration."

  • Next, choose "Click here to go to Existing Student Registration" and carefully review all tabs and the existing information.

  • After reviewing all tabs for each student, click the "Save/Continue" button. If no further students require review or addition, proceed to click "Save/Continue" one more time.

  • Finally, click the "Red Submit" button to complete your registration.

If you need to add a new student:

  • Complete all tabs in your existing student information.

  • Click the blue "Save/Continue" button after reviewing all tabs for each existing student.

  • Locate the blue "Add New Student" button at the bottom of your existing student list in the Student Section.

  • Complete all tabs for the new student.

  • Click "SAVE/Continue," and continue doing so until you see the "Submit" button.

  • Once you hit "Submit," you have successfully completed the online registration process.

Step 2: Fee Payment (Available Starting July 15th)

  • Log in through the Parent Portal, where you will be able to pay all fees, including adding funds to your student's lunch account, starting on July 15th.

  • Please note that all student fees must be paid before your child's first day of school. We look forward to having your family back with us for another school year!

A photo of a student posing at the homecoming parade.

Contact Me

A photo of district registrar, Lynette Foster.

Lynette Foster
District Registrar
515-984-3400 x2012

Contact Me

A photo of Director of Transportation, Marcy Hanigan.

Marcy Hanigan
Director of Transportation
515-984-3400 x2013