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North Polk CSD Celebrates Completion of Scanlan School of Mental Health Training Paraeducator Fellowship

North Polk CSD Celebrates Completion of Scanlan School of Mental Health Training Paraeducator Fellowship


A group photo of three paraeducators.

"Learning for All by Learning From All" echoes throughout the North Polk Campus, underscoring a commitment that extends beyond students to encompass everyone involved—students, staff, the community, parents, families, and stakeholders alike. The North Polk CSD proudly announces the successful completion of the Scanlan School of Mental Health Training Paraeducator Fellowship.

Special recognition goes to Julie Krehbiel, Julie Rasmussen, and Jenny Schmidt for their dedicated efforts in advancing their learning and leadership through this rigorous training. The fellowship included three in-person Imagine Iowa training blocks, complemented by enrollment in a digital platform for additional content, activities, and coaching to meet licensure credit requirements (15 hours in total equating to 1 licensure credit). The in-person training unfolded in Des Moines over the last three months.

Matthew Blackmore, Director of Student Services at North Polk CSD, expressed, "I have had the pleasure to meet with and discuss with Julie, Jenny, and Julie on the next steps for growing and enhancing our Paraeducators' learning and experience in the future."

“As a collaborative Lead Paraeducator team, an action plan is in the works for this semester, set to take effect in the next school year. This plan aims to develop the skills and attributes of successful team members through a curated curriculum, technology integration, and professional training.”

The completion of this fellowship has not only enhanced the skills of our North Polk CSD team but has also garnered $21K in support of the action plan, empowering paraeducators to facilitate high-level learning for all students.

Looking ahead, the Lead Paraeducators, including Amber Houser and Kathy Hron, will convene monthly in Spring 2024 to author, create, and implement the action plan for the school year 2024-2025.

Thank you to our Lead Paraeducators, this endeavor exemplifies their vision and determination to advance the mission of Learning for ALL, by Learning from ALL.