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North Polk Middle School Celebrates ReadBowl Victory!

North Polk Middle School Celebrates ReadBowl Victory!
Three photos of students reading during the ReadBowl Competition hosted in the Lit classes at North Polk Middle School.

In an impressive display of literacy prowess, North Polk Middle School clinched the ReadBowl State Championship in Iowa. Ms. Seligman's Classes emerged victorious, reading a staggering total of 11,021 minutes during the month-long competition.

This year's award holds special significance, given the record-breaking participation of 280,000 students. The North Polk team's achievement signifies their unrivaled dedication to reading, outshining all other middle school teams in the state.

READBowl, a global reading competition for PK-8th grade teams, involves a spirited contest to accrue the most reading minutes. The competition kicks off on the day of the American College Football National Championship and concludes with the announcement of the World Champions of Reading on the morning of the National Football League's Super Bowl Sunday.

North Polk Middle School participated in the Middle Conference, encompassing grades 6-8, and demonstrated outstanding commitment to reading. Throughout the competition, students received motivational messages from NFL players, ESPN anchors, and even authors. The initiative was spearheaded by Mitchell Malcolm, a former New England Patriots player and the founder of the "Share the Magic Foundation" and READ Bowl.

All 20 literacy sections at North Polk Middle School took part in the competition, with notable achievements in reading minutes recorded by each class. The top three are as follows:

  • Larson's 3rd & 4th Hour - Average of 2005.74 minutes

  • Seligman's 1st & 2nd Hour - Average of 1871.05 minutes

  • Bouzek's 5th & 6th Hour - Average of 1760.45 minutes

The collective effort of the school resulted in an impressive total average of 22,483.28 minutes over four weeks.

To recognize individual achievements, the top ten readers were rewarded with free Kona Ice for the month.

1. Gabryel Rudloff 11,021 Minutes (8th Grade)

2. Nick Eveland 10,320 Minutes (8th Grade)

3. Mallory Byrd 7,915 Minutes (8th Grade)

4. Josie Rosenbalm 7,915 Minutes (8th Grade)

5. Addy Baker 7, 358 Minutes (8th Grade)

6. Charlotte Stork 7,165 Minutes (6th Grade)

7. Natalie Reha 6,719 Minutes (6th Grade)

8. Dawson Shipley 6,327 Minutes (6th Grade)

9. Evelyn Wildin 6,228 Minutes (7th Grade)

10. Aylse Baker 5,962 Minutes (6th Grade

A special shoutout goes to Mrs. Sarah Seligman, whose unwavering dedication and organizational skills were instrumental in driving the success of this inspiring reading initiative at North Polk Middle School. Congrats to the champions of reading!