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NPCSD Legislative Priorities

NPCSD Legislative Priorities

Members of our District Leadership Team and School Board visited the Iowa Capitol on Tuesday, Feb. 13 for the annual Iowa School Board Association’s “Day on the Hill”. We are committed to standing up for public education and ensuring ongoing support for ALL North Polk students.

See a brief overview of our legislative priorities for the upcoming session below.

Increase in SSA

  • Inflation Impact: We urgently call for a 4% or higher Supplemental State Aid (SSA) increase to counter inflation's substantial impact on our school district's operational costs.

  • Budget Pressures: We urge the necessary SSA increase to address rising expenses, including elevated gas prices, increased utility costs, and soaring insurance premiums, crucial for alleviating budget pressures in our school district.


  • Explore and advocate for alternative funding sources to supplement Supplemental State Aid, specifically earmarked for additional School Resource Officers and enhanced safety measures.

  • Ensure a sustainable and reliable financial foundation to support ongoing and proactive safety initiatives within educational institutions.

Mental Health Supports

  • Advocate for dedicated funding within Supplemental State Aid to bolster mental health services in schools.

  • Prioritize resources for hiring mental health professionals, providing training, and implementing programs that foster a supportive and resilient school environment.