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The Celestial Event of the Decade

The Celestial Event of the Decade
A photo of students watching the Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024.

April 8th marked a special occasion as a Solar Eclipse illuminated North America. Students and staff took a break from the regular day and gathered outdoors to observe this extraordinary phenomenon, uniting with millions throughout the United States. A solar eclipse occurs when a planet, a moon, and a star align in a specific manner. This alignment leads to a solar eclipse when the Moon positions itself in the center. As the Moon obstructs the Sun's light, a vast shadow of the Moon envelops certain regions of the Earth, creating mesmerizing visual spectacles.

Unfortunately, we were not in the path of totality, however, students not only observed the eclipse firsthand but also engaged in hands-on activities and lessons inspired by this celestial phenomenon. This extraordinary experience has been dubbed the "spectacle of the decade."

If you missed this event, unfortunately, you'll have to wait. The next total solar eclipse will occur on August 23, 2044, visible only from select states in the US.