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Results From Recent Elections

November 5, 2019


Iowans across the state went to the polls yesterday to cast their ballots in city and school elections. As you know, North Polk had two items on the November 5 ballot - school board elections and a new revenue purpose statement. 


School Board:

Voters elected Joe Heintz and Travis Davis to serve standard four-year terms, and Dave Potter to fill the two-year term made available by the vacancy of Tim McCloud. Joe, Travis, and Dave will join existing school board members Keith Bormann and James Hill. The transition in leadership will take place during the November 21 board meeting, when newly elected members take their oath of office.  

The district would like to recognize Diane Lackore for her dedication and service to North Polk students, staff, and community members.  

Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that video footage of school board meetings can be found on the YouTube channel “NP Broadcast” or through the following link:


Revenue Purpose Statement:

The ballot also included a question regarding a new revenue purpose statement (RPS) that outlines how the district utilizes revenue generated from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Fund. Before the district could utilize these funds for long-term infrastructure and technology projects through the year 2050, voters must approve the new RPS that outlines the use of these funds. A simple majority (50% + 1) was needed for passage, and the new RPS passed with 89.4% voter approval. 


For the official voting results provided by the Polk County Auditor, click here. 

We would like to extend our appreciation to North Polk patrons for you continued interest and support as we work to meet the needs of our growing district.