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You Crushed It

Last week we had the opportunity to recognize our first-year teachers at North Polk. Whether it be their first year in the education field or the first year in the district, the first year always comes with different challenges. We wanted to show our gratitude and give thanks to our first-year educators. Each one of them has already made a great impact on our district and "Crushed" their first year!

Teachers Recognized:

High School:

Mr. Jacob Wolfe

Mr. Tim Tebrink

Ms. Hannah Bengston

Middle School:

Mr. Anthony Oros

Mr. Collin Bell

Ms. Courtney Early

Ms. Stefanie Kaylor

Mr. Kelly Delagardelle (Not pictured)

West Elementary:

Mrs. Amy Lucas

Mr. Barry Brennecke

Ms. Emily Lynch

Ms. Samantha Stoelk

Mrs. Laura Newberg