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Proposing Progress: The 2023 Bond Referendum for North Polk Community School District

August 21, 2023

In line with our strategic plan and shared commitment to proactive financial and facility planning, as well as providing a safe and healthy learning environment, the North Polk Board of Education is calling for a ballot proposition during the regular election on November 7th to give the authorization to the North Polk Community School District to issue general obligation bonds of up to $17 million.


While the common theme of construction has been resounding for the last several years, this persistent pattern will remain a cornerstone in the times to come to support our increasing enrollment and to offer additional opportunities for our students.


The proposed projects for the bond referendum include:


  1. Industrial Arts/Agriculture FFA/Career & Technical Education (CTE) Addition: This project involves the construction, furnishing, and equipping of an addition to the High School building. The addition is designed to cater to Industrial Arts, Agriculture, FFA, and Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs. In embracing these fields, we are not just offering academic pathways, but also helping to foster vital workforce development and career readiness skills, particularly within the trades. This initiative emphasizes our commitment to preparing students for the ever-evolving demands of the professional world.

  2. New Baseball/Softball Athletic Complex: The proposal includes the creation of a modern baseball/softball athletic complex, accompanied by necessary site improvements. This complex is aimed at providing students with an upgraded sports facility that fosters teamwork, skill development, and a sense of community.

  3. Renovation of Existing Classroom Spaces: The final aspect of this project includes portions of existing building space at West and Central Elementary buildings that are slated for renovation, remodeling, repair, improvement, furnishing, and equipping. This effort contributes to creating safe and conducive learning environments for our youngest learners.


The construction of these projects will not result in higher taxes; instead, the district is pursuing the continuation of the existing debt service tax to fund these endeavors. The district’s current debt service levy is already maxed out at $4.05 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. Revenues from the Debt Service Levy are deposited in the Debt Service Fund to be used to retire the principal and interest on the bonds. 



The North Polk Board of Education is suggesting a ballot proposition during the regular election on November 7th to give the authorization to issue general obligation bonds of up to $17 million. A “YES” vote of 60.1% is required for the measure to pass.


We will be holding community meetings throughout the months of September and October to inform the community about this process and to answer any questions our stakeholders may have.


Visit our full Bond page for more information.