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North Polk CSD 2023 School Board Election Results

NPCSD School Board Election Results

In the recently concluded North Polk School Board elections, voters were tasked with filling two vacant seats among three candidates, reflecting the democratic process that shapes the leadership of our school district. The North Polk School District encompasses areas across three counties: Boone, Polk, and Story.

Boone County Results:

  • Dennis H. Goering: 3 votes (50.00%)

  • Ashley Delaney: 1 vote (16.67%)

  • Kyle Campbell: 2 votes (33.33%)

  • Undervote: 4

  • Overvote: 0

Polk County Results:

  • Dennis H. Goering: 29.36% (1,020 votes)

  • Ashley Delaney: 36.79% (1,278 votes)

  • Kyle Campbell: 33.19% (1,153 votes)

  • Write-in (if any): 0.66% (23 votes)

Story County Results:

  • Dennis H. Goering: 8 votes (33.33%)

  • Ashley Delaney: 9 votes (37.50%)

  • Kyle Campbell: 6 votes (25.00%)

  • Write-In: 1 vote (4.17%)

Each candidate will serve a four-year term, and we extend our appreciation to all candidates for their willingness to contribute to the educational leadership of our community. Upon their successful election, Ashley Delaney and Kyle Campbell will be officially sworn in during the upcoming November meeting of the North Polk Board of Education.

In addition, we take this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to outgoing board members Joe Heintz and Travis Davis for their dedicated service to both the school district and the broader community throughout their tenures on the board. Their commitment and contributions have played a crucial role in shaping the educational landscape within the North Polk School District. We appreciate their tireless efforts in advocating for the best interests of students, parents, and faculty, and we wish them continued success in their future endeavors.