What does the new Revenue Purpose Statement say?

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The RPS specifies the use of funds North Polk will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education (SAVE) Fund, and is intended to be used in the following manner: 

  • To provide funds for property tax relief
  • To provide funds for technology infrastructure
  • To provide funds for school safety and security infrastructure
  • To provide funds to build, remodel, reconstruct, repair, improve, or demolish school buildings
  • To provide funds to purchase, lease, or lease-purchase buildings, equipment, or technology and to repair transportation equipment
  • To provide funds to implement energy conservation measures
  • To provide funds for emergency demolition, cleanup, and repairs due to natural disasters
  • To provide funds to establish and maintain public recreational areas and playgrounds
  • To provide funds for the payment of principal and interest or retirement of general obligation bonds issued for school infrastructure purposes and tax revenue bonds
  • To provide funds for other authorized purposes permitted by law

The entire RPS as it will appear on the ballot can be viewed here.